Recruit By Membership Program

What is the fee to become a member of the Recruit By Membership Program and gain access to program levels?

The Recruit by Membership Program annual fee for membership is $500.00 per contract organization.

What happens after I pay to join the Recruit By Membership Program?

Once you have joined the annual membership program, a member of our team will contact you for a free intake call to create your employer profile, and discuss which program level best suits your company’s hiring requirements. Custom discounted programs are available as well.

Simply choose which program level is right for you and purchase!

Program Levels

How do I use my Program after I purchase as a member?

  1. Send us the Job Order for the role you want to fill along with your Top 5 Job Criteria;
  2. We will find and screen as many applicants as you order up to the value of your package or until you make a hire;
  3. You get to review the resumes and biographical notes of each submission to decide if you wish to meet with them;
  4. Once you click Accept on a resume submission, your program account is deducted by the amount per resume off the program level you purchased;
  5. You can continue ordering resumes until you exhaust your program pricing.

What Happens when I exhaust my budget but I want more candidates?

If you still want more candidates, simply top up with a new package at no extra membership fee It can be the same level or modified to be larger or small depending upon your needs.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership lasts as long as you have unspent package level amount to use. There is no expiry. You can carry them forward into next calendar years.

What happens if I don’t like the resumes I am sent?

  1. You have complete control over which resumes you accept for interview. You can continue to order new candidates up the dollar level of your package.
  2. We will have a reset review to discover the barriers to finding your ideal candidates and reset the criteria for the roles to select new and different candidates.
  3. Recruit by Membership Program is a guaranteed hire program which means we don’t stop until your role is filled.

What are the benefits of being a RECRUIT BY MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM member compared to placing traditional ads?

Candidate Quantity and Quality:

Ads are a Push Tool. They are broadcasting and rely 100% upon people tuning into them. That means they are only seen by people who deliberately seek them out. The result? Ads are only reaching 5% of the workforce: only the actively job searching candidates. 

We are sourcing from the balance of the 95% of non-actively searching (passive) candidates, both from our database and, if need be, privately sourced candidates by our team personally. Most of our candidates work exclusively with Retail Staffing and no other agencies.

We guarantee our candidates WILL see and explore your opportunity because we will take candidates directly to your role for their review. When you receive their resumes, they have already been pre-screened for your position and are keenly interested to move

Ads don’t attract the talent you want.

Most ads are so poorly written they simply don’t attract the level of talent you need.

Most ads are far too complex to apply to especially on cell phones so the abandonment rate of the application process is very high.

Most ads, especially Swipe and Apply ads simply have nearly no way of screening out off the mark resumes, wasting your time reading each and every one even if completely unsuitable.

Most ads require Sponsored Pay per Click fees to reach anywhere near enough candidate views: so you are paying for Clicks and Resumes of absolutely no interest to you.

RECRUIT BY MEMBERSHIP means you have control of the quality of resumes you receive.

RECRUIT BY MEMBERSHIP only sends you the resume talent that YOU CHOOSE.

What kind of guarantee will do I have that I will receive what I pay for?

Our promise to you is that you will receive the precise number of resumes you ordered and that those resumes will contain the five (5) exact criteria you set for the role upon submission.

You confirm this when you click Accept on any resumes submitted to you.

You own the resumes we send you. You can hire all of them for the same credit fee as hiring one!

If for some reason you do not accept a single resume presented, your balance carries forward to use on another search and never expires.

If for some reason you accept resumes but don’t interview them, your package balance will reflect the debits for the resumes selected but not acted upon and your credit balance if not exhausted will carry forward.

How long does it take to receive my candidate resumes?

In large search markets you generally will receive your resumes within 7 days, depending upon how quickly we can make contact with the candidates and receive their permission to put themselves forward.

Smaller more remote markets can take up to 30 days.

We never allow a search to go beyond 30 days. At that point the job order will be reviewed with you to discover what the obstacles are and how best to resolve the issues.

Why should we trust Retail Staffing Canada Inc. to deliver what they promise?

Retail Staffing Canada Inc. is the brainchild of Best Retail Careers International Inc. Since 2011, we have been involved in every level of retail staffing. During this time we have amassed a huge following of Retailers. We specialize only in Retail, privately representing some of the largest Retailers in North America.

We have a network of brokers across North America that are continuously feeding us great candidates. Every single person involved with Retail Staffing Canada is a former Retailer themselves. Our contacts are endless, our passion for retail explosive. No other recruiting agency in Canada can say that every single one of their team has specific expertise working in the retail industry. We understand you! Our database to access great talent extends to over 11 million Retailers globally with the click of a keystroke.

What is different between Retail Staffing Canada Inc. and Best Retail Careers International Inc.?

Best Retail Careers International Inc. is a full serviced retainer based recruitment agency. We fill private orders for Retailers from beginning to end, from CEO to field level. Helping Retailers to create highly effective strategies to find best talent. Using our expertise and contacts to source premium candidates. Handling screening and evaluation of the candidates, making recommendations for hiring, negotiating offers and assisting in on-boarding. In addition we offer warranties on new hires.We can still do all this work for you at any time. Members of Retail Staffing Canada’s RECRUIT BY MEMBERSHIP Program receive deep discounts on this private boutique service. However, not all Retailers need this much service or have the budgets for private external recruiters.

Retail Staffing Canada Inc. offers you the same calibre of premium retail candidates but you do the rest of the work yourself, thus saving thousands of dollars.

Where do I put these fees in my Finance Budget?

Membership Fees usually have their own accounting line and are thus not part of the Talent Acquisition budget for External Recruiting.

It can also be charged to Advertising costs, thus not shrinking your external or internal budget for recruiters, nor does it usually need special permission from finance to spend these funds.

Why can’t I access your database directly?

All the candidates in our database have registered confidentially. You won’t find their resumes publicly posted on job sites or anywhere else. Our promise to candidates is that we will guard their privacy and only recommend firms and openings that ideally match their goals. We work with candidates on a one-to-one basis with a foundation of trust.

Will I be competing with other Members for the same candidates?

No. After we send you candidates they are exclusively yours to review for a period of ten (10) business days. If after ten (10) days you have not connected with them to interview we will return them to the general hiring pool.